You can view and navigate your storage space in a very useful 2D chart called tree-map. Folders and files are shown in blocks in a recursive form, larger blocks for larger items and smaller blocks for smaller items. This is the perfect tool to find space hogs.

In addition to tree-map, Landiskape shows you a tree-like view and also a simple file explorer; Files and folder are sorted by size to make is easy to find out how your storage space is consumed.

Tree Map

View tree-map representation of your storage space. This is a great way of understanding how your storage space is being used.

  • Navigate through the tree-map
  • Customize level of details

Tree View

View tree-like representation of your storage space sorted by size, to find out where your space has gone.

  • View size of each folder in the tree
  • The entire tree is sorted by size


Explore your storage space with folders sorted by size.

  • View size of each folder
  • View sub-folders of each folder sorted by size
  • View number of files in each folder

Quick Preview

Quickly view details of each file.

  • View path of each file
  • View thumbnail image of each file
  • View dimensions of each image
  • View duration and bit-rate of each audio and video file

Use the powerful address bar to navigate through your storage space.

  • Navigate back, forward and up
  • Navigate to any location in the current path

User Friendly

Simple user interface, easy to use.